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Why Stats Buys Houses with Cash Offers

We've seen many friends and family feel the same stress and burden of needing to sell their or a loved ones' house as you are now. We truly care about your situation and are here to listen and help alleviate that stress by creating a WIN/WIN solution with you. We give you cash to take the property off your hands and we get to continue doing what we love to do - help people who are in a bind. Eventually working to leave this family business legacy in the hands of our amazing children.

Our business extends a helping hand to people who are stuck in unforeseen circumstances and need to liquidate their house. We are here to help where normal methods of selling a house may not work - you need cash fast, your house won't pass inspections, or there won't be interest in your house due to its condition.

Don't deal with the stress of trying to figure out how to sell your property any longer. We'll help you save time and money by giving you a quick winning solution. Contact us today at

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