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About Us

We provide quick cash offers for houses

Stats Buys Houses

Selling a house is hard. It's even harder when you need to sell it quickly or it doesn't meet normal selling requirements.


Not only do you have to worry about finding a buyer and going through the hassle of showing your house, but you also have to worry about realtor fees, appraisals, and whether or not there will be any interest in your house.


Stats Buys Houses can help. We are here to buy your house no matter what the condition is, so you can get cash quickly and avoid any extra fees. In return, we rehab the houses we buy to provide future families stable housing.


We want to make win/win relationships with all of our clients. We want to provide you with the relief of quick cash to help your situation and in return do what we love - rehabbing houses to provide future families stable housing!


We serve Lockland, Colerain, Lincoln Heights, Fairfield, Norwood and more! 


We take pride in our work and will offer you a fair and winning offer every time.

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