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Selling a house is hard

Let us make it easy for you with a cash offer.

Selling a house is time consuming, stressful, and can often result in less than expected payouts.

Stats Buys Houses is here to help. We are experts in helping people who need to liquidate their house fast. We will buy your house no matter what condition it's in and we won't charge any realtor fees or appraisals.

Hi, I'm Jonathan Staton

I've seen many friends and family feel the same stress and burden of needing to sell their house quickly as you are now. We truly care about your situation and are here to listen and help alleviate that stress by creating a WIN/WIN solution with you. We give you cash to take the property off your hands and we get to continue doing what we love to do - helping people who are in a bind. Eventually working to leave this family business legacy in the hands of our amazing children.

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We Buy Houses
in Cincinnati

We want to make this as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is...

1. Email Jonathan so we can listen to what you’re going through and see how we can help. 

2. Schedule a walkthrough with Jonathan to visit the property.

3. Walk away stress free with a cash offer!

We are right for you if you are experiencing one of the below...



Inheriting a home

Moving or downsizing

Liens or back taxes

Unwanted rental property

Burnt out lanlord

Major repairs

Our Projects

Owners who were behind on bills, in debt with a house in distress, or experiencing a recent loss in the family. The housing was then able to be rehabbed - providing stable housing for future families!

Our Clients

We believe in WIN/WIN solutions.

Proudly serving the following & more...




Lincoln Heights


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